Sunday, February 16, 2014

It's Snowing...Again...

Last week it was ice.  This week it was snow.  It is hard to measure exactly how much we got since the wind was pretty fierce and made drifts; but the first storm dropped  somewhere in between 20-26 inches.  I was off for Thursday and Friday.  We had cleaned most of it up and another small storm came in and since we hadn't done the walks yet, I took the day off to shovel.  There was more snow on Friday night into Saturday.  Yep, Phil and I have to have a little talk.  I hate the shoveling and the danger of driving but here in the backyard you can really see the beauty of a world covered in white.  It truly is lovely.

As you can see, it is snowing in my game too!  :)

I know I haven't mentioned my tree for two weeks now.  It is a huge project and I've been working on it on and off.  Truth be told, I needed to do some home remodeling.  Hubby built me a beautiful animal pen and I created a new garden.  I also discovered both a Jungle Temple and a Desert Temple purely by dumb luck.  The Desert Temple is my new teleport hub; which is awesome since the room I was doing it in was just a bunch of sticky notes in wood.  I reorganized my kitchen area and the basement is filling up with chests just like I wanted.  I have been dying the sheep around my home and then breeding them which is so much fun!  I found two Villages filled with Clerics and Librarians and both of them had no church; so I build one.  In case you ever need blueprints for the villages, they are here.  And I made a little fishing nook that is really great at giving you enchanted bows, ink sacs, lily pads and sometimes fish.  :)

The grey lace is the Nana Knit Lace Cowl I've been working on this week.  Everyday I have been doing two full repeats.  Nana wanted one in wool and I thought this wool with a bit of silk in it would be perfect; and I was right.  It has just a bit of give and the definition is lovely.  I'm wondering how long I actually need to make it.  Nana had mentioned that she wanted it a bit longer in the back.  It is hard to judge without blocking it.  So I've decided to knit until the grey one matches the length of the sky-blue one.  When I reach that length I will block it and see how much it grows.  Regardless, I need to make a Knit Picks order....oh darn.  ;)

I will be back to squares next week and a new color scheme to boot.  I need to work on the cowl as much as I can before least until I run out of yarn.

I have no witticisms this week.  The ice..snow...sleet...whatever keeps falling from the skies is wearing me down.  I ache and now I leave you to go and soak in a tub of goodness.  My bathroom which was started in October is now almost complete.  I don't have jets yet or my chromatherapy; but a tub of hot water sounds delicious right now.

Happy crafting,

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