Sunday, March 24, 2013

Mr. Squishy

I love this scene with Dorie from Finding Nemo.  So when I began my brioche scarf it only seemed natural to name it Mr. Squishy.  I wanted to make something special for Mr. Dogwalker who walks the work dog ( I don't have a dog myself) and I found this.  It is Schoppel-Wolle's Gradient in 1535.  Schoppel-Wolle are the wonderful people who make the Zauerball and lots of other beautiful yarns.
This yarn is squishy to begin with but with the gentle barking of brioche (that is a mouthful) it becomes even lighter...even squishier...if that is possible.

I am in love with brioche.  First of all it provides a fun dialogue as you knit.  "Oh, hon I can't stop while I'm burping, I'll loose my place."  or "Not now I'm barking!"  Ah, yes fun stuff.

The knit brioche stitch is called the brk or bark and the purl brioche stitch is called the brp or burp.  I am just doing the barking right now but with the gradient yarn it creates such a lovely effect.  Next I will be making a project with two colors so there will be plenty of burping involved.  See isn't this fun?  ;)

For those of you have not knit brioche before here is the recipe for an even number of stitches. An odd number would be a different recipe...with a different flavor...and selvedges...but I digress.

CO loosely an even number of stitches.  If you are a tight knitter use a bigger needle or two needles held together to cast on your stitches.  Drop the second needle before you start knitting.

Things you need to know:

yf sl1yo - Hold the yarn in front of your work, when you slip the yarn is already in front so the yo will be formed by the next action (K1 or brk1).  You always slip purlwise.

brk or bark stitch is made by knitting the stitch that was made on the previous row together with it’s YO.  When you look at your needle you will have a stitch by itself (that is the stitch you slip) and two stitches clustered together.  Those two will be the ones you knit together.  

Set up row: *yf s1yo, K1* rep ** to end 

Row 1: *yf s1yo, brk1* rep ** to end

Rep Row 1 until desired length and bind off loosely.
For the first 10 rows your brioche will look strange and then suddenly, you will see the pattern develop like magic.  I just love this stitch and the fabric it makes.  :)

For this week's other project I am knitting Summer Flies again.  I just love this pattern; I have made 8 of them now.  A client of ours had lung removal surgery and I just felt I had to do something; so I am making her a prayer shawl out of this.  It is Knit Picks new Billow line and it is a bulky squishy pima cotton that knits up fast and is soft like a cloud.  I must say I really love this yarn.  It feels luxurious against my fingers and I don't want to stop knitting it.

And finally...Happy Spring!  May the blessings of Ostra fill you with new ideas to plant, nurture and grow over the coming year.  May they bring you a beautiful harvest in the Fall.  :)

My goals this year are simple but perfect for where I am in my path:

Air - Design
Fire - own my Talent
Water - be Joyful
Earth - be Prosperous
Spirit - appreciate the Beauty of nature

This year all my affirmations have been placed in this egg that I made out of yarn I had around and about the house.  I figure all my left-overs have deep meaning to me.  I remember the projects they came from as stepping stones on my path as a knitter.  They are dear to me, which is why I have so much trouble throwing anything out.  I even keep small pieces for use as life lines and eyes or noses on stuffed toys.

Note: the crocuses are closed up tight because it was around freezing all day (it actually snowed today); but at least they are out heralding Spring is on it's way.

Bright blessings and happy crafting,


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